Not every consumer receives a 100,000 euro loan. The bank checks exactly who gets this loan and who does not. The customer can use the 100000 euro credit for private or business purposes. Different requirements are required.

The consumer would be well advised to carry out a credit comparison for the time being.

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Creditworthiness and purpose important

Creditworthiness and purpose important

100,000 euros credit – now starting at 1008 euros a month

As soon as a consumer wants to borrow 100,000 euros, the bank wants to know the reason for the loan. The purpose is for the banks to plan for the risk. The credit rating is important because the loan 100,000 euros must be paid back. For this, the borrower must be able.

If a loan is used to buy a property, it can be sold by the bank if the borrower suspends installment payments. If it came to a loan default of the 100,000 euro loan, they would hardly lose money. The mortgage must therefore be transferred in the case of the bank. Even with a modernization, the banks often agree, because this increases the value of the property.

The creditworthiness is exactly checked in the application for a loan 100000 euros.

Credit rating decides the lending

Credit rating decides the lending

The regular income is a basic requirement when applying for a loan 100000 euros. This must come from a secure employment relationship. In addition, the customer may not have negative entries in the credit bureau. How high the income must be, can never be said exactly.

It always depends on which purpose the customer specifies. In the best case, it should be above the seizure allowance. Low-earners and non-credit-worthy consumers will not receive a 100,000 euro loan.

Use credit as seed capital

Use credit as seed capital

The 100,000 euro loan can be used as starting capital for your own business. The customer must create a business plan. In this, the business idea must be described very precisely. In addition, the bank needs a market overview.

The borrower must be able to demonstrate convincingly how he wants to earn money with his business. Maybe the applicant has been successfully self-employed for some time. This can convince banks to give a loan of 100,000 euros. An attempt can be made to obtain a development loan through the house bank.

But there are also offers for this loan on the internet. Both have their advantages. But to know which offer is the right one, the loan seeker should use a loan calculator. On the comparison portals so some offers can be viewed. Banks in the foreground, who would grant a 100,000 euro loan.

Find the best interest rates – loan calculator

Find the best interest rates - loan calculator

In order to find the best interest for a 100,000 euro loan, the comparison portal creditend can be used. The term should be set for each offer from 120 months (equivalent to ten years). An interest rate starting at 3.99 percent is available to customers at Credither. The monthly rate is 1008.60 euros.

The offer is credit-related, so that these details may change after the credit check. Civil servants and civil servants can choose the offer of the General official bank. Here the loan is given 100,000 euros with an interest rate of 5.95 percent. The customer has to pay 1099.87 euros per month.

The extraloan puts the lag behind with an interest rate between 9.95 percent and 15.95 percent. This results in a loan installment of 1295.24 euros. For these credit comparisons, however, the additional conditions should be observed.

Additional conditions of the offers


At the Credither, he has to pay the client 100000 Euro no processing fee. The borrower can arrange an installment break once a year and also make a special repayment. This must be agreed in the contract. The loan can be taken out as a joint loan. In addition, old loans can be rescheduled with the 100,000 euro loan. The Bank also has the option of special repayments.

Again, no processing fees will be charged and a risk hedge can be included. With ExtraLoan, long terms can be chosen. Here it is also possible to record a term of 132 or 144 months. I change the monthly rate but only minimally. The customer can arrange special repayments and rescheduling is possible.

100000 euro credit – credit check

100000 euro credit - credit check

Banks require different banks so that they can examine the request for a loan 100000 euros. Often the last two pay slips must be submitted. Thus, it can be seen that the customer has an income and in what amount this is present. Civil servants need the latest referrals.

The account is checked using the statements. Here the last three months are required. By postident procedure the customer must be able to identify himself. This prevents one consumer from taking out a loan on behalf of another.

In some banks, this legitimacy can also be done in the store. Very few vendors use the Video Ident procedure, so going to the post office will be necessary.